Finding Beauty

Photo by: Izu Navi

Photo by: Izu Navi

It’s funny how things can change from good to better or bad to worse. One day, you’re on top of the world, then, on another, you’re under a heap of dung. There is no stopping this dynamic; it will be the way of the world for as long as we live. As one executive I interviewed years ago said: “You can’t expect the stock market to be up all the time. It will go down at some point.” If you stick around long enough, you will see it go up again. Such is the rollercoaster ride we’re all in.

In the video below, author Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how she forced herself to find something beautiful while going through a horrendous time in her life: she was broke and stuck, and had to see through a painful divorce. Watch how she goes about this mini-quest.

This will be my task from now on, too. I will look for beauty in every situation, every obstacle, every brick wall that blocks my path. It is there, hidden under the muck of doubt, uncertainty, and faithlessness. I have found beauty in the oddest of places at the most unexpected times. Angels get sent my way to reaffirm my limitlessness and remind me that I am loved. My regret is I never fully embraced these moments and often didn’t see them for the revelations they were. I have fought life with all my might, only to be defeated. Of course, life always wins.

It is in the dark night of the soul that we find the light within. Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned came to me when I was one big lump of mess on the floor, wailing to the heavens. Right now, fear is winning, but I’m confident faith will kick its ass. I will give it time.

And beauty? It always shows itself. All I need to do is open my eyes.


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