Thank God for good people


Photo by: Vinoth Chandar

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” – Lennon and McCartney

My blog has a new home! This very clean and slick new website would not be possible without the generosity and expertise of friends and professionals who did an awesome job in helping me put this together. I promise not to lay their efforts and talents to waste by not updating my blog! Yep, you will read more from me about yoga and a range of other topics that I find interesting. Watch this space!

But first, a couple of “thank yous” are in order.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Mon Marquez of MONster Studio for the images. He’s a passionate photographer who captures the essence of a person in a photograph, which is far greater than making someone look nice.

My good friend and former colleague, Aimee Ocampo, built this website from scratch and gave advice on usability and content. Aimee is not only an excellent editor, manager and now web designer, she is also a wonderful friend. Her laser-sharp eye for detail and attention to the little things that matter would rival that of a surgeon! Couple that with a heart of gold, and you’ve got an all-around gorgeous person, inside and out.

Thank you, Mon and Aimee (mes amis!) for the assistance.


  1. Kath Rodriguez says:

    looking forward to reading your blogs :)

  2. Sylvia Pineda says:

    Hi Louie-An. Your blog looks very nice … and I know your future blogs will do justice to it. I like this first blog of yours and am looking forward to the next… and next … How do I know if you have a new blog? I follow just one blogger … I think that’s a blogger … Theodora Goss … and her writings go to my email. I s’subscribed’ to her page and requested that it goes to my email box. I don’t see that in yours. But I hope you will let me know when you have a new blog …and the link .,, I’m low techie:( Congrats and Namaste …

    • Louie Pilapil says:

      Hello, Sylvia! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to add a widget that allows people to subscribe to my blog so you’ll get my posts in your email. In the meantime, check in and see if there’s anything new. Thanks, again!

    • Louie Pilapil says:

      Hello again, Sylvia. I installed the “follow” plugin. Simply click on the “follow” button on the lower right corner of the page and you’ll get my recent posts in your mailbox (hopefully). :)

  3. lydia santiago bautista says:

    hi louie-an,

    am a sister of your mom’s friend tita carina santiago velardo. I’ll be following your blog. thanks for sharing :)

    tita lydia

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