Yoga, illness and recovery


I was sidelined by a health issue in the last few weeks but I’m back on my feet again and good as new. :) I credit my fast-tracked healing and overall relaxed demeanor throughout the whole process to yoga. I was calm. There wasn’t much pain and soreness, and I was able to move about quickly. I had to protect my core area so I used my legs and arms to get out of bed, pick up stuff on the floor or carry things. I was generally in good health before the surgical procedure I had, so recovery was fast and fuss-free. I’ve also started practicing yoga at home and it’s been good, so far. I can’t do backbends and twists yet but standing poses and supported inversions are fine. Vinyasa flow classes would have to wait as I still tire easily, but I hope to be back to the usual practice soon.

Mentally, I was prepared for any eventuality. Remember my previous entry on surrender? Ha, what a way to learn it! When you’re in hospital, your life is in other people’s (and God’s) hands. When you go under, you just have to trust that you’ll wake up and everything will be all right. Nothing is within your control and you have to be OK with that.

I therefore conclude that yoga TRULY rocks!

Photo by: Diego Dacal

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