How This Yogini Got Her Groove Back

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Hello. Sorry for neglecting this blog the way I did my yoga practice during the holidays and the weeks that followed. I guess you can say I was in a yoga slump. I was too lazy to do anything, let alone get on the mat. When I did go back to the studio, my body and mind were in resistance mode! I got tired easily and had to go into child’s pose every 15 minutes! My ego was at its nastiest, telling me I’d lost my yoga mojo and that I wasn’t going to get it back. In short, it was a dark time in my practice and, in a sense, my life. And then, I got sick. Meh.

I suppose all of these physical setbacks and ailments were manifestations of stress. I had to struggle to get back on the saddle, so to speak. During the time when my body was not cooperating, I had to fight the fear of not being able to do what I love, of losing this practice that has given me so much joy and peace.

So, I started from the very beginning – a very good place to start, as Maria Von Trapp once said. I did 15-minute gentle yoga in the mornings. Three cycles of Surya Namaskar were enough. After about a week of that, I went back to the studio, resolving not to overdo anything and just listen to my body. I let it guide me to where it wanted to go.

That’s how I got my groove back.

I realized that committed yogis and yoginis can get into this rut. This applies to everything else in our lives: work, relationships, learning a language. There comes a time when you feel you just can’t do it anymore, no matter how much you want to continue. But you will find a way to go on. If you love something (or someone) madly enough, you’ll find a way and you’ll take it one baby step at a time.

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