It’s That Wonderful Time of the Year…When I Get Lazy

Photo by lululemon athletica

Parties, dinners with friends, shopping for gifts, last minute stuff that need to get done at work – these are all good excuses not to go to the studio, or even devote a few minutes a day for yoga practice at home. The hardest part is actually hauling your butt to the studio or that mat in your room. When you’re there, all is well. But before that, you have to deal with the mental ping pong match: Do I go or not?

It takes iron will to hail a cab or drive to the studio knowing that the legendary traffic jams of Manila get three times worse during the holiday season. What’s a yogini to do? Have iron will and brave the traffic! Or lay down that mat in her room and do the very thing that makes her serene in the midst of Christmas chaos.

That blissful feeling you get afterwards is worth all the trouble you need to go through to get there. :)

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