Someone Will Show You How

Photo by Ulrika Laan

That’s the lesson I learned the other day when I kept attempting – and failing – to bind during a twist. I couldn’t place my arm in the space between my folded leg so I just gave up and did the traditional twist instead. My teacher saw me, and with a few pulls and tugs, I was able to fully do the bind you see above, which gives the spine, obliques and hips a nice, wonderful stretch that will leave you going “aahhh” afterwards.

I didn’t know I could do it until someone showed me how.

There’s nothing more rewarding than the knowledge that, with a little help from someone in the know, you can push yourself forward and go beyond what you think are your limits. Sometimes, people have more faith in you than you do in yourself. So listen to them. Twist and bind.

Note: This pose is for those who are already comfortable doing the traditional twist. If you experience pain while attempting to bind, stop. Keep practicing or ask an experienced teacher to show you how to properly do it.

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